THROWDOWN – Intolerance


Unholy fucking shit. Yes, this was my initial and probably is still my reaction to Throwdown’s latest heavy hitter, “Intolerance”. You want really well played guitar rhythms, interesting riffs/leads, chest pounding drums, and vocals that’ll rip the hair off of your head, “Intolerance” is your drug of choice.

Throwdown, keep their 11 tracks on here interesting and multi-dimensional with slow to mid paced tempo shifts, infusing their guitar and bass rhythms with toxicity and power that’ll ram your head in. You want to headbang, then fucking come get it here, as this motherfucker will more than just bang your head. The drumming alone will make you want to take on your entire neighborhood and set the score straight against every one who crosses your personal space. The vocals are gruff sounding yet you can understand everything vocalist Dave Peters is saying out of total frustration. Ladies and gentleman, Throwdown mean business, and it is one group you do not want to mess with, so listen proudly with your fists in the air and your weapons drawn for all out war.

“Cut Away” and “Suffer, Conquer” are catchy numbers with their hardcore influences, yet graced with enough heavy metal to set your world ablaze, ha, ha. Throwdown is not your typical aggressive metal band as they’ve taken the better of two music worlds: Heavy metal and New York-style hardcore and put together heavier than the abyss anthems of total rage, frustration and chaos within the confines of the human mind.

One listen to “Born and Buried Alive’s” metallic yet sludgy guitars and agonizing vocal delivery, courtesy of Peters, you will be begging for more of this misery aptly known as “Intolerance”.

Seeing that the new album was produced and mixed by Zeuss, you know you are in for one hellish listening experience on this slab of cold steel. Need I say more, or you’d rather feel this aural torture for yourself. [eOne Music]    Sarjoo Devani


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