THEO – The Game Of Ouroboros

Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros

Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros


THEO – The Game Of Ouroboros (CD)

Theo, the progressive rock band is led by well-known Hammond organist and keyboardist Jim Alfredson, and his debut solo release in the form of “The Game Of Ouroboros” is a true testament that progressive rock can sound classic yet still be refreshing in style.

The progressive elements within Theo’s style are very, very interestingly crafted, giving the band a unique edge among its competitors. Jim’s singing too has hints of Pink Floyd, ELP, Genesis and Yes, which gives the six songs adding up to an hour, so much depth and character. One minute his vocals are upbeat and the next he is more in the emotional vein as if he is overcome by a multitude of emotions.

With their songs ranging in length from 7-12 minutes, there are a lot of creatively composed transitions and changes, which make for an all out intensive listening experience. You just become glued to your chair and stereo, as each part of the music arrangement comes at you like a weird curve ball.

The keyboards are well orchestrated with the rest of the music, tied to interesting sound bytes and off the wall sounds that’ll make you feel suspicious of your surroundings. This is one of the aspects I really enjoyed about Theo, they keep the listener guessing as to what their next musical move will be. It’s kind of like playing musical chess, but your ears decipher the critical juncture in the moves they make.

I know this sounds abstract and out of this freakin’ world, but you have to listen to the high intensity arrangements of the song structures on “The Game Of Ouroboros” to truly understand and feel it.

With awesome classic influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELP, Yes and even Asia, you’re in for the auditory adventure your ears have always longed for.

Theo is its own band, with their own distinctive style and unique approach to songwriting they’ll take you on the progressive rock journey of your life.

This album is not for everyone, but with solid prog rock and modern jazz influences, you’ll be surprised as to how well Jim and Co. can infiltrate, then rock your world. [Big O/Generation Prog Records] Sarjoo Devani

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