The Sickening – Sickness Unfold (Guttural Death Metal album review)

The Sickening - Sickness Unfold

The Sickening - Sickness Unfold

The Sickening - Sickness Unfold

“Sickness Unfold” is a motherfucker of a guttural death metal record, released by Norwegian aural mass murderers The Sickening.

The ten tracks of utter brutality and viciousness rolls over the listener like a freightliner, crushing their ribs, smashing their face in, decapitating heads, severing limbs, and literally draining them dry of any fucking blood. “Sickness Unfold” features the former drummer of Norwegians Blood Red Throne, and he is hell-bent on a mission to fuck everyone up the ass with his drumsticks here. Just imagine having a drumstick shoved up your ass so far, that you’re actually expelling buckets of blood instead of fecal matter.

People, with blood and gut-craving choice cuts like “Throat Hole Ejaculation”, “Powertool Sodomy” and “Fixed On Killing”, your first kill will surely be a thrill. The bestial-sounding, rusty metal buzzing guitar rhythms are wicked to the point of stabbing you multiple times, with the riffs turning into sharpened arrows destined for your fucking heart.

Try to picture for a second, some motherfucking serial lunatic gouging out your eyes, so you can’t see the horror of him ripping your heart out of your chest cavity, while you writhe in horrific pain.

Just listen to the horrid and murderous sounds of “A Mind Deranged”, and you’ll start to believe that your life is now in danger, as it has that death metal meets horror flick edge to it. Actually, the whole album is more in this vein, but with some interesting variations within the song structures and the different levels of brutality featured herein.

The production and the mixing on “Sickness Unfold” is not too polished, neither too rough, just perfect enough to feel this quartet’s ungodly rage from within. They’ve also covered Vile’s “Abort (The Fetus)” which is done so well; it’s sick enough to make Vile a very proud band, indeed.

Be prepared to die a thousand times here. Xtreem Records      Sarjoo Devani


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