The Rolling Stones – Totally Stripped

The Rolling Stones -Totally Stripped

The Rolling Stones -Totally Stripped

The Rolling Stones – Totally Stripped

This Blu-Ray disc and audio CD set is a superb display of rock & roll with hints of blues, soul, rhythm and harmony, from the world’s greatest all time rock band, The Rolling Stones.

The Blu-Ray disc portion of this rockumentary is a great experience in witnessing The Rolling Stones live in concert, during their rehearsals before their shows, and candid interviews with the each of the core band members backstage. It’s good to see how well the band was captured in all its glory during their concert and studio appearances, showing how close the band really are. I was impressed with various snippets of interviews with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, as they were done in a more tongue and cheek manner. The placement of these informative interview pieces are strategically placed between segments of their energetic live performances, studio out takes and concert rehearsals. This definitely gives the fans a very cool perspective and insight from the individual band members regarding their shows, songs and everything else that happens backstage for a band of their caliber.

“Totally Stripped” features classic cuts such as “I Go Wild”, “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Midnight Rambler” and the all time chart topping and AOR radio favorite “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” among other hits.

The live CD also features songs taken from the Blu-Ray discs and some rarities not featured on the original “Stripped” CD from 1995. This CD is definitely worth cranking the volume to a BIG 10 on your stereo or boom box, if you’re still old school, ha-ha.

What I love about The Rolling Stones is their ability to instill hope and positivity within the hearts of their listeners. As far as I am concerned, this is in important trait for a band to possess, no matter their greatness on the world’s stages or popularity, and for The Rolling Stones this is truly a natural element. Excellent for The Rolling Stone fan or if you’ve never been familiar with this band’s music, a great introduction to one of Great Britain’s best rock and roll groups.     Eagle Rock      Sarjoo Devani

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