The Ritual Aura – Laniakea (Tech Death Metal CD review)

The Ritual Aura - Laniakea

The Ritual Aura - Laniakea


The Ritual Aura – Laniakea

“Laniakea”, the debut album by Aussie tech deathsters The Ritual Aura is a chronic, but awesome display of melodic riffs backed by mind obliterating rhythms and deathly cold vocals.

The guitar rhythms and riffs are the most standout elements here, besides the monstrous vocals and head splitting drum assaults. The guitar parts flow effortlessly, creating mental images of an unknown force getting ready to penetrate the earth’s core, therefore destroying all known life forms. However, depressive this may sound, it definitely fits the whole mood of the songs on “Laniakea”. “Erased In The Purge” zooms right by your ears with its growl and subhuman-like vocal spells, leaving your corpse rendered useless. Now this is what I would call very fucking toxic and chaotic to the last note played. The vocals on this song sound like an instrument all their own, which is pretty damn good.

Imagine hints of Sadus, Pestilence, Atheist, Necrophagist and Meshuggah all mixed up into a lethal ball of astral energy and just unleashing its sonically pulverizing aural hell upon your frail mind. However, “The Ritual Aura’s” music may sound ultra complex and out of this world, it is more of a stunning display of crazy fret board workouts, bestial growls and a drumming style that goes beyond the norm of trying something different in timing and style. Imagine heavy metal meets jazz, meets progressive rock, and you’ve a band that’s sure to throw your mind into a massive tailspin at 1000 miles per hour.

All in all, The Ritual Aura has not created anything new since sliced bread but this album is a twisted ritual of exploding astral showers of odd riffing and songwriting totally off the wall. Listen to “Laniake”, hear and feel what all of the unearthly cosmic hype is all about. Lacerated Enemy Records     Sarjoo Devani

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