The Jelly Jam – Profit

The Jelly Jam - Profit

The Jelly Jam - Profit

The Jelly Jam – Profit

The Jelly Jam’s newest album “Profit” is a superb display of classic rock influences blended in together with modern rock sounds and styles.

This 12-tracker is loaded with memorable vocal harmonies, rockin’ rhythms that’s sure to get the listener into the mood for jamming along to The Jelly Jam’s music. The classic rock inspired music here is very contagious once you’ve listened to it only once, yes it only takes one spin to become a follower. The vocal harmonies match the guitar harmonies just fine, with the rhythms and percussion holding their own ground, which gives “Profit” such a unique edge, as all of their songs have their own style, and literally sound fresh and energetic with immense positivity.

What made this album so enjoyable was the fact, that the average song here is no more than three minutes in length, which keeps you on the edge, wanting and expecting more awesome jams to rock out to. Moreover, seeing that these guys (John Myung-Dream Theater, Ty Tabor – King’s X and Rod Morgenstein – Winger, Dixie Dregs) are all accomplished musicians and songwriters, they surely know how to keep it interesting musically and vocally on this record. There is not a single dull moment to be found on “Profit”, as this CD is positive sounding, soulful in spirit, soothing and blissful to every note played.

“Stain On The Sun” rocks out with its seventies sounding guitar riffs and rhythms, all the while The Beatle-esque vocal harmonies suck you right into this song. If you could only imagine this physically altering experience, it really keeps you grounded on the earth yet sweeps your soul away into a heavenly paradise, whatever your imagination decides.

This album is highly recommended for fans of The Beatles, early Genesis, Yes and The Who. Get ready to have “Profit” shake the ground you’re on, as it is an interesting journey of a lifetime. Do listen to it at night with all of the lights turned off, and dimly lit candles, and you’ll get an emotional high beyond your wildest dreams. Excellent.     Music Theories   Sarjoo Devani

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