The Descent – The Coven Of Rats (Melodic Death Metal album review)


The Descent - The Coven Of Rats

The Descent – The Coven Of Rats

Musically and lyrically, the quintet aptly known as The Descent is a very solid bunch, with their melodic and synthesizer infused melodic death metal in the form of “The Coven Of Rats”.

The music is nothing out of the ordinary here, as majority of the songs fall into the same vein as Scar Symmetry, Soilwork and early In Flames.

These are all pretty good influences to have, but when it comes to The Descent’s music, it is nothing that’ll move mountains, as this style of metal was already done several years ago.

However, they should be given credit for stellar musicianship and strong songwriting skills found here. Every aspect of their songwriting and musical execution is played with the highest level of professionalism.

The music here heavy as hell, with plenty of unpredictable melodic twist and turns, which is a plus. This aspect is very noticeable on “Seeds Of Madness”, with its chaotic drumming patterns and guitar riffs completely off the wall. This song is nothing but sheer madness, and played quite well. The screamed out vocals incorporated with the more pronounced vocals makes this track pretty interesting to listen to.

Opener “The Warrior Within” starts off with its focused snare drum attack, all the while the precision played guitar riffs just mangle the listener’s senses.

I will, certainly give The Descent more credit in keeping their music much heavier and full-on aggressive along with the melodic parts, which the Swedish bands did not deliver on a consistent basis, as is the case with In Flames, as they’d break out into the more vocal, metal driven tunes at times. It can be safely said, there are no such weak tunes on this twelve-track album.

The Descent has a lot to offer, but unfortunately, it was not my cup of tea… Suspiria Records    Sarjoo Devani

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