The Dead Daises – Make Some Noise (Rock Music album)



The Dead Daises – Make Some Noise

The Dead Daises definitely make heavy rock noise on their latest long player in the form of “Make Some Noise”, with hard rocking guitar rhythms, melody fueled vocal passages, and an attitude fit enough for a snobbish person.

The quintet making up The Dead Daises consist of guitarist Doug Aldrich, bassist Marco Mendoza, singer John Corabi, drummer Brian Tichy and Aussie guitarist David Lowy. These guys are well-known and respected musicians within their own circles on a national and an international stage.

The musicianship definitely flows along with the happy-go-lucky, upbeat lyrics on “Make Some Noise”. However, it did not do heck of a lot for me for some odd reason, as I feel it was not impressive musically and vocally compared to that of their former bands.

Doug Aldrich’s guitar definitely has that rocking blues moments and at others it’s straightforward heavy rock that should get their audiences all revved up for some crazy crowd antics. I did enjoy his playing, but nothing as earth shattering when he was in White Snake.

Singer John Corabi fronted hair and pentagram metallers Motley Crue after Vince Neil left in the early nineties. His singing is good, but it’s the energy, which is lacking, as he sounds a bit contrived, not coming across as natural of a vocalist he was when performing with Motley Crue. It’s something about his singing, which I did not care for too much, mainly because of the same repetitive heavy, melodic rock & roll style he is singing here.

Drummer Brian Tichy and bassist Marco Mendoza were pretty good at keeping the backing rhythm solid, and having the guitar rhythms and riffs flow with such ease. These guys were definitely tight in the rhythm section.

And one of the Aussie founders and guitarists of The Dead Daises David Lowy was nothing out of the ordinary with his playing style, as it sounded too much like what Aldrich was playing here.

The production, mixing and the mastering on this debut CD by The Dead Daises is quite well done, as everyone can be heard clearly, and their music definitely has a solid live jam feel to it. The musicianship here is good, maybe not out of this world for me, but you never know, it just might be your cup of coffee.   Spitfire/SPV   Sarjoo Devani

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