The Aaron Clift Experiment – Outer Light, Inner Darkness (Progressive Rock album review)

The Aaron Clift Experiment - Outer Darkness Inner Darkness

The Aaron Clift Experiment - Outer Light, Inner Darkness


The Aaron Clift Experiment – Outer Light, Inner Darkness

Musically “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” is a very interesting listen with its various changes and eclectic and progressive rock powered songwriting and arrangements. The Aaron Clift Experiment is definitely ahead of its time with their respective talents as musicians, and surely can be heard on “Outer Light, Inner Darkness”, especially the violin parts, which are tastefully executed here.

There is a heightened level of positive tension and atmosphere on this ten track CD. This is so prevalent on the cut “The Last Oasis”, with the guitars carrying the melody-throughout and the violins just making certain parts of this song all that more spicy with some red tonal color variations.

However, I am not a fan of Aaron Clift’s singing, as it seems to drag on, even when he changes the pace with each of the songs featured here. The music on “The Last Oasis” is what carries it through from start to finish. I believe this also holds true for the entire record, as the vocals just stay within that one style of singing, which reminds of some folk rock band from the seventies. The vocals are definitely front and center here, even though the music fits really well within the general mix of the album, it’s just the one dimensional style of the vocals, which is a total let down here for me.

Definitely recommended if you enjoy listening to Yes, Genesis, and The Tangeant, which was nothing special vocally either. I did not care for this album by The Aaron Clift Experiment, but it’s not to say that you might not enjoy this experimental blend of progressive rock music and eclectic music styles.   Aaron Clift Productions    Sarjoo Devani

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