TESLA – Simplicity

Tesla - Simplicity

TESLA – Simplicity (CD)

I’ve always enjoyed Tesla’s style of heavy rock as they’ve the guts to try new things on each album, yet stay true to their hard rock music roots. “Simplicity” is a prime example of what I’ve just said-the music is loaded with tons of emotions and musical creativity, and Jeff Keith’s powerful crooning just gets you into the mood to sing-a-long with him.

Once you’ve been exposed to the rockish groove rhythms of “Ricochet”, you’re going to be so damn hooked, you’ll be craving more of Tesla’s feel good rock and roll. The choruses on this song alone will get you in that crazy mood to rock until you drop, haha. Also, one interesting point about this song is, it’s about them releasing their new album and jamming together as a band and as one happy family. You have to love this positive attitude that Tesla shower the listener with. At the end of the day, who wants to be miserable listening to their favorite music?

Guitarists Brian Wheat and Dave Rude have plenty of memorable riffs and harmonized rhythms, which give so much spice to their already catchy hard rock music. The dual guitar harmonies are not an easy thing to play but Tesla has mastered this style so well. The other bands that employ this technique really well are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and I put Tesla along such greats.

Despite the awesome guitar harmonies, “Cross My Heart” has that seventies rock touch to it with the cool piano work, steel string acoustic riffs, semi-distorted guitar rhythms, and Jeff Keith’s vocals will make you feel like you’re stuck in some desolate desert town in the middle of nowhere.

There are 14 rockin’ tunes on “Simplicity” and not a single dull moment as this record is sure to hold your attention to the last note strummed. Tesla definitely rocks… and so does “Simplicity”. [E1 Music]      Sarjoo Devani

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