Tenebrae – My Next Dawn (Atmospheric Metal album review)

Tenebrae-My Next Dawn

Tenebrae-My Next Dawn

Tenebrae – My Next Dawn

Tenebrae is an Italian quintet, which play atmospheric metal with hints of doom and death metal for majority of the material on “My Next Dawn”.

This band plays an emotionally charged mixture of atmospheric metal with plenty of doom and death metal influences, but they’ve taken it a step further by making it slightly accessible to all fans of metal heads into dark metal. The title track “My Next Dawn” is a prime example of haunting synthesizers, atmospheric moods, hard-hitting drums, heavy rhythms, and vocals switching between clean and growls. This song reminds a bit of early My Dying Bride.

The ten cuts on this album are musically unique, however, keeping in with Tenebrae’s own sound, which is very admirable.

The 48 minutes of music here, could pretty much be a well written soundtrack to a horror/drama movie, with plenty of twist and turns, as can be heard on here. The fact this band can write very emotive songs and keep the overall vibe of the record chilling is a feat not many bands within this genre of atmospheric metal are capable of producing on a consistent basis.

“My Next Dawn” is not completely removed from the extremes of darkened, atmospheric metal, as some cool influences from Crematory, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost also can be noticed sparingly throughout this CD.

The clean vocals are very unique and do not sound like anything being done nowadays within this style of metal, however, the clean singing is very mesmerizing to say the least.

The production and sound come across very clear and refined to a certain extent on “My Next Dawn”, but keep in mind; it is also the solid production duties on this album, which gives it some original qualities within Tenebrae’s music. The musicianship and songwriting talent found here also puts this fivesome at the forefront some cutting edge atmospheric metal. This record is highly worth checking out.     Black Tears Of Death Records    Sarjoo Devani

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