Temple Of Baal – Mysterium (blackened death metal album review)

Temple Of Baal - Mysterium

Temple Of Baal - Mysterium

Temple Of Baal – Mysterium

“Mysterium” is definitely not the most unique of albums from a black/death metal band ever released, but the sheer intensity of cold and dark feelings here makes it a very strong extreme metal release in recent years.

France’s Temple Of Baal play a spirit crushing mixture of black metal with solid characteristics of death metal with a slight hint of old school thrash metal. The bestial vocals come at you like an unholy demon out of its ungodly realm of fire, whilst the abrasive guitar and bass rhythms suck your corpse dry of life. The drumming is as diverse as it could be for a black metal band, with interesting tempo shifts and thunderous sections that make your head fucking explode in fury. Musically, these guys are tight, interesting and wickedly insane in their own way, on “Mysterium”.

The average length of the songs on this CD is several minutes, which gives them enough time to incorporate some immaculately crafted musical passages and mind altering moods. Opening track “Lord Of Knowledge And Death” is a good example of the band’s ability to break up the music into different parts therefore creating some tripped out moods on this 9-minute track.

“Black Redeeming Flame” is their black metal anthem with the sharpened sword-like riffs and a killer rhythm execution mixed in with the raspy, death metal growls, which has a very mesmerizing and ambient fire to it. You do not want to listen to this track or any others on this record while falling a sleep, as this bloody darkness is sure to bring you evil nightmares and more.

Listening to Temple Of Baal is like experiencing a soundtrack to your own Satanic sacrifice in the midst of a flaming pentagram above your bloody altar. “Mysterium” is so unpleasantly dark and ugly, it might as well be used as a soundtrack for your own bloody sacrifice.

Highly recommended for fans of 1349, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Dissection.    Agonia Records    Sarjoo Devani

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