Tantrum – Devirginized (Death Metal album review)

Tantrum - Devirginized

Tantrum - Devirginized

Tantrum – Devirginized e.p.

Germans Tantrum play an energetic style of death metal with old school heavy and thrash metal influences to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat and then some.

“Devirginized” has plenty of early Gorefest “Mindloss” era type of ungodly growls backed by a groove driven heavy/thrash metal rhythms that is sure to get you to bang your head.

The last track on this 5-song e.p., “Cursed In Eternity” is so furious, its catchy and groove pounding rhythms are sure to get you pounding your head into a solid cinder block wall. As painful and bloody this may sound, it’s the kinetic energy of this track that just picks up your mood and makes you want to thrash like a madman on some potent crack.

These five Germans are very talented and definitely bring out their old school firepower antics to get the listener into the thrashing rage of their blunt force trauma-like death metal. The talent is definitely here, but the originality has a lot to be desired, as what these guys are doing musically and vocally is nothing new. Then again, who said death metal has to be unique, as it’s all about the aggression and raw energy, which this e.p. is 1000%.

Tantrum certainly has talent and the old school vibe going in their favor. A full-length album of new material and a proper tour should do them plenty of justice in garnering new fans around Europe, and maybe even the world.

So, give “Devirginized” a chance, as it might just rip your head off, while leaving your corpse literally dying for more of their unrelenting mayhem. Inverse Music     Sarjoo Devani

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