Tank – Valley of Tears (Heavy Metal album review)

Tank - Valley Of Tears

Tank - Valley Of Tears


Tank – Valley Of Tears

Wow! This is definitely a strong adjective to describe Tank’s newest release “Valley of Tears”, with its big and melodic heavy metal sound defining who they truly are.

Musically, this record is a stunning display of talented songwriting, with strong vocal harmonies backed by a solid rhythm section and a killer production. This 9-tracker is a great example of Tank’s ability of write and record heavy metal with tons of emotions and an explosive sound, which completely immerses the listener in all its heavy metal glory. It’s the positive energy, which I feel really propels “Valley Of Tears” to the next level of heavy metal excellence. Everything from the strong singing to lead/rhythm guitars and drumming makes this an album the listener wants to listen to, as it just lifts up your spirit in many ways.

New singer ZP Theart (formerly of Dragonforce) has so much depth of variety in his range, it gives the songs such fiery emotions, and you feel as if you’re living through his experiences. New drummer Bobby Schotykowski (formerly of Sodom) and bassist Barend Courbois (formerly of Blind Guardian) give Tank’s rhythm section such big sound and boost, you feel the floor beneath you shake, rattle and roll – it’s blisteringly thunderous. This is one of the elements, which I really enjoy about this new album.

First track, “Valley Of Tears” comes mid-paced with all its primal energy, and just gets you into the mood to really let lose and take out your lighter to go along with the emotionally charged passages here. This has got to be one of my favorite songs here due to its touchy lyrical theme and overall positive vibe.

The other songs, such as the headbanging “War Dance”, “Eye Of A Hurricane” and “World On Fire” are catchy cuts with their heavy guitars.

With drums produced and recorded by Waldemar Sorychta, the percussive sound and tones come across very effectively, and gives that feeling of proximity, as if you’re right there when the drums are being played.

The production and tone of the guitars and bass guitars are very upfront, but not to the point of drowning everything else out musically. Guitarists Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans do an exceptional job at playing their harmonies and rhythms in unison, creating a wide spectrum of heavy metal guitar tones that make “Valley Of Tears” one hell of a memorable release. Shit, I can actually hum a few of these cuts in my head, ha-ha. Also, for metal heads who used to follow thrash metal legends Dark Angel, guitarist Jim Durkin contributed a ripping, killer lead for the instrumental closing number “One For The Road”.

If you’ve not heard of Tank before, now is the time to do so, as this is definitely their finest release to date and they keep getting better like fine wine.  Metal Mind Productions   Sarjoo Devani

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