Strange Here – II (Doom Metal album review)

Strange Here - II

Strange Here - II


Strange Here – II

Italian doom metal band Strange Here is definitely strange in their approach to writing some of the slowest dirge driven metal.

These guys are good at what they write and play, a style of doom metal in the early vein of Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, Trouble and The Obsessed. Musically “II” is very slow and just drags, especially if you’re not into this kind of doom metal. It’s a total downer on the emotions, and if you enjoy being depressed, then this band’s style of misery-laden doom is for you.

There are seven songs found on this album, but not one track stood out for me, as they all sounded repetitive in nature. The downtuned guitars, probably to D, all sound so miserable, mainly due to the fact this shit is played slowly, and there are no upbeat passages to be found here.

Definitely, do not drive listening to this album like I did, as it was making me sleepy to the point of putting me into a hypnotic trance, phewwww!

Strange Here does exhibit some odd time signatures in a monotonous way, and psychedelic guitar parts utilizing that fuzz tone throughout, which does not help the overall vibe of the record. The guitar sound and style of playing was an aspect that also bored the heck out of me here.

The singing, I did not care for as it too dragged on like a poorly written cinematic flick. You can understand the vocals and all the lyrics, but the singing style as well as was very monotonous as well.

There was nothing with Strange Here that I found out of the ordinary or attention grabbing, the mere fact that it was a real depressive trip to experience.  Minotauro Records    Sarjoo Devani


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