Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – Walking In The Shadows (Heavy metal album review)


Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – Walking In The Shadows

Singer and songwriter Steve Grimmett of Grim Reaper-fame is back in his newest incarnation in Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, and his newest album “Walking In The Shadows”, since 1987’s “Rock You To Hell” is one hell of a comeback, headbanging album.

This new 12-tracker record picks up where “Rock You To Hell” left off almost 30-years-ago, and it does not miss a beat, especially with Grimmett’s melodic singing sounding as solid as ever. It’s the positive energy, which makes his singing standout, producing such awesome vibes to get your head banging like a metal head out of control. His songwriting and lyrical approach also add more depth to Grim Reaper’s fiery songs, as they’re just bursting with a huge fireball of heavy metal energy.

I was very lucky to see Steve Grimmett perform live as Onslaught’s lead singer on their 1989 European tour with Annihilator and fellow British rockers Horse London, in the July of that year. I saw them at London’s Astoria Theatre, and Grimmett’s performance was just spot-on solid in every aspect. In a live concert setting, this guy gets the whole crowd headbanging and going mad like fucking heavy metal maniacs hell bent on a mission to destroy the world.

“Rock Will Never Die” is one of the standout cuts here, with its catchy and harmonized guitar rhythms and of course, Grimmett’s passionately sung vocals. This is definitely an awesome song for some serious headbanging while you raise your fists in the air and let yourself go…

Furthermore, all of the songs this album just rock with boiling passion and power, as you’d expect from a group of Grim Reaper’s caliber. And the superbly produced, mixed and mastered album also makes for brilliant listening, as every note on the guitars and the vocals is perfectly audible. There is certainly a whole slew of talent on this record, as it shows on every track here, and this aspect also makes the talented vocals of Grimmett stand out as well.

Highly recommended, especially if you’re into Dio, Krokus, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Sinner. Dissonance Productions     Sarjoo Devani

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