Stages Of Decomposition – Crawl Space Burial (Brutal Death Metal EP review)

Stages of Decomposition - Crawl Space Burial

Stages of Decomposition - Crawl Space Burial

Stages Of Decomposition – Crawl Space Burial EP

Stages Of Decomposition, a bloody twisted and sick guttural trio from the City of Angels is back with its four track EP in the form of “Crawl Space Burial”.

There are three new studio cuts on the chopping block as well as a live track from one of their past concerts. Musically, this EP is nothing new or even refreshing, but it has all the hallmarks of old school guttural death metal, which bring back memories of blood stained concert halls and decapitated heads, which used to liter clubs hosting brutal death metal back in the good old days.

However, I will give this threesome credit for playing tight, skillful riffs and head smashing rhythms that should make the average death head die in complete misery. Their lyrics are more in the vein of traditional blood and gore sort of vein, but with more sickness, guts and limbs the listener can stomach.

The production, sound and mix on this four track EP is good, and makes you feel as if the band is playing in front of you. The almost raw and live sound is very suitable for Stages Of Decomposition’s style of guttural death metal. I would not be surprised if these guys destroy stages when they play live, as their music definitely has that beefy sound to level everything around them.

Their CD cover artwork is just as sick as their music, with a zombie going crazy over the split-wide open orifice of a human corpse, as its guts are spilling out. “Crawl Space Burial” is corrosively horrific music for horrific times. Gore House Productions   Sarjoo Devani

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