SOUNDS OF FURY – Mediocracy

Sounds Of Fury - Mediocracy

Sounds Of Fury - Mediocracy


SOUNDS OF FURY – Mediocracy (CD)

“Mediocracy”, the latest slab of mosh pit heaving death metal is sure to beat your helpless body into complete submission with its bruising rhythms.

Sounds Of Fury, who hail from Lausanne, Switzerland play an-eighties influenced form of death metal with superbly crafted guitar melodies, at times reminding of Death’s “Leprosy” CD. Their down tuned guitar rhythms carry so much weight, you can literally feel the heaviness on your ears. It is kind of comparable to the weight of the world just bearing down on your ears and head, and while the pressures build internally, Sounds Of Fury deal you a lethal blow to the brains.

Sounds Of Fury definitely live up to their name, with their melodic and violent style of death metal wreaking havoc on the senses. Just listen to the opening number “Pedagogy Fuck Fest”, and you’ll wish you were in their lair of hyper chaos and sonic torture. “The Art Of Avoidance” starts off with its intensely catchy guitar melodies, brutally heavy rhythms and growl vocals that’ll make your hair melt.

There are nine songs on “Mediocracy” that feature plenty of musical diversity to keep the listener interested, yet maintains it aggressive character really well.

I love their musicianship, as every part of the music is played with the highest level of professionalism and a sense of creativity, which made the early years of death metal, so exciting.

You want to hear a band that’ll decimate your world, Sounds Of Fury is the perfect choice for this aural insanity. Wait ‘til you feel “Mediocracy’s” firepower, and you’ll soon discover the true meaning of death metal at its sickest.

Highly recommended if you dig Malevolent Creation, Internal Bleeding, Deicide and Vader. [Mighty Music] Sarjoo Devani

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