SOTAJUMALA – Raunioissa

Sotajumala - Raunioissa

Sotajumala - Raunioissa


SOTAJUMALA – Raunioissa (CD)

Finnish death metallers and sonic hellraisers Sotajumala are back with a new album, with mega-heavy rhythms and interestingly written leads.

Musically, “Raunioissa” is a total barrage of heavy pounding rhythms, well-executed guitar harmonies, and deathly growls that’ll make even the strongest metalhead band their head even harder.

Sotajumala is very solid and tight in their performance, and definitely get the listener pumped up with their big sound and heaviness on the eight cuts featured here. Musically and production-wise “Raunioissa” is a very awesome record, but the vocals being sung in their native Finnish language ruins it for me. I know, lyrics are not cared for too much in death metal, but lyrics actually give the listener a good insight to the mind of the songwriter.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are really, really freakin’ brilliant, and have the talent to go toe to toe with some of today’s more established death metal bands. I wish for once, they’d sing their lyrics in English, as this would only make their style of straightforward death metal more accessible to a much wider audience on a global scale, seeing that majority of the death metal fans do not speak the Finnish language.

“Kuolemanmarssi” has a heart pounding double bass section and the vocals remind a bit of Deicide and Altar.

I must admit, for a death metal group, Sotajumala has some really well constructed lead runs, which sure will hold your attention high and mighty. Musically, if I had to draw some references to their style, I’d say Meshuggah, Testament, Deicide and even Cannibal Corpse on a few occasions.

You want to mosh, come get some Sotajumala, and your head will be spinning a million miles per hour. Good Luck. [Self-Released] Sarjoo Devani


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