Solis Occasum – Unholy Faces Of Dead (Black Metal album review)

Solis Occasum - Unholy Faces Of Dead

Solis Occasum - Unholy Faces Of Dead

Solis Occasum – Unholy Faces Of Dead

Raw, primitive and soul raping antics of discordant guitar rhythms and demonic, raspy screams do not get any more obscure than Solis Occasum’s “Unholy Faces Of Dead” raging inferno.

This is a one-man project, but project leader and founder Barghest would have you thinking it’s a full-fledged band with its all out power and somewhat decently executed music.

Track number three “Sacrifice Me” has some very killer Celtic Frost and Hellhammer influences blended in with some influences from Craft, Merrimack and Azrael. Solis Occasum is what nightmares are made of, and the ungodly, anti-Christian result is “Unholy Faces Of Dead”. The anti-religious and blasphemous themes of human existence, is what makes Barghest’s music and lyrics so bloody dark and evil in approach.

With song titles like: “The Carnival Of Demons Among The Burning Churches” and “The End Of Religious Deception”, you know that you’re not going to get anything kind like Mayhem and Darkthrone, as this is the real black metal, played with the rawest and darkened feelings. You’ll surely feel so much darkness within yourself; you’ll certainly suffocate in your pathetic misery.

The production on this seven tracker has a lot to be desired, as the instruments and vocals get lost in the mix at times, but then again who said black metal had to be nice and clean on CD?

One listen to the insanely buzzing guitars, psychotic raspy screams and the deathlike marching of the drums, you’ll experience the vilest of demonic possessions of your bloody soul. Check it out and die a thousand deaths in the most morbid of ways! Symbol Of Domination   Sarjoo Devani

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