Slayer – Repentless (Heavy Metal album review)

Slayer - Repentless

Slayer - Repentless


Slayer – Repentless

“Repentless” is Slayer’s newest raging slab of extreme heavy metal, and it definitely shows how repentless this band is when it comes to unleashing of their nuclear annihilation-like angst fueled extreme heavy metal.Instrumental opener “Delusions Of Saviour” sets the brutally horrific groundwork for “Repentless’” aural assault upon the frail ears of humanity. Second song and title track “Repentless” just comes hurling at your like a 1,000,000-degree fireball of intense heat and noxious gases ready to obliterate your bloody senses.

Moreover, the video for this track is ultra blisteringly packed with heaving violence, with jail prisoners going at it against each other in the goriest of ways possible.

“When The Stillness Comes” starts of mid-tempo with its dark rhythms and Tom Araya’s wickedly psychotic-sounding vocal passages, and then it just races off into solitary oblivion with its hellish laden guitar riffs and rhythms. And the mosh-worthy and stage diving antics of “Chasing Death” is sure get you thrashing about when you crank this one to 10, oh yeah!The one element I very much enjoyed about this album was its catchiness within all 12 songs featured here. Each of the songs have their own head splitting, earth shattering arrangements, which is sure to get you banging your head ‘til you drop unconscious. Musically and vocally, this is the album Slayer should’ve released after “Reign In Blood”, as it definitely shows them touching upon their evil roots of heavy metal’s glorious days gone-by.

Tom’s vocals are visceral and sharp as ever, and the words he spits forth cut like samurai swords destined for your flesh. His vocals are understandable and this even adds more toxic fuel to the inferno Slayer is so good at creating. I love the way he yells towards the ending of “Piano Wire”, putting his lungs into complete overdrive and maliciously destroying any hope the listener might have of hearing with their severely ravaged ears.

Kerry King’s and Gary Holt’s ungodly lead runs and riffs chisel away at the listener’s mind on “You Against You”, like two guitars retrofitted with 1000 horsepower twin turbo engines. This bitch just races while dragging you to your unholy demise. Honestly, the whole album is high octane drumming, guitars and vocals beating unrelentingly Slayer’s pure aggression down the listener’s throat.

Slayer’s not just back, they’ve reinvented their old school extreme metal brutality, and have released their best sonic, swarm of terror insanity in the form of “Repentless”.This album should not just appeal to old school veteran fans of the band but even new extremely maniacal generation of headbangers. Slayer’s “Repentless” is surely one of the highlights of 2015 in the extreme heavy metal field.     Nuclear Blast     Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the brutally twisted track "Repentless", which is one of my favorite songs due to its high speed intensity and touches of old school Slayer.


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