Slay My Sanity – Heartbeat Of Chaos (Thrash/death metal EP review)

Heartbeat Of Chaos


Slay My Sanity - Heartbeat Of Chaos

Russian metal band Slay My Sanity play a perfectly executed mixture of superbly crafted melodic thrash and death metal, which is sure to thrash your head in every way possible.
This fivesome play with so much conviction, you feel every ounce of their anger and frustration, and you just want to fucking explode to the point of going on a brutally sick death trip. Slay My Sanity may not be the most unique melodic thrash and death metal band in the world, but their musicianship and songwriting just sucks you right into your speakers, so you can experience their sonic torture at first hand.
Title track “Heartbeat Of Chaos” starts of slowly with its clean bass and guitar passages, and then it just comes flying at you with such immense force, it feels as if you’re caught in the violent vortex of a tornado. The rhythms and riffs on this song have plenty of early In Flames, The Crown, and Arch Enemy rhythm and lead run influences, and it’s good to see that Slay My Sanity is not afraid to show their skillfully crafted songwriting and musical influences on this five tracker.
These guys are very tight in the instrument playing department, and it shows on the five songs featured on this awesome EP. Their playing goes really well with the rough, almost deathly low growls, which can be understood for a change. You get almost 20 minutes of some of the finest written and put together melodic thrash and death metal, which has many heavy as hell rhythms and riffs you can raise your fists and bang your head to.
You’ll definitely feel the power of Slay My Sanity’s mind shattering metal beyond imagination’s limits, as “Heartbeat Of Chaos” is a very convincingly put together EP. I cannot wait to check out what this bunch has in store with a full length album. Pretty damn good, indeed!!!  Sarjoo Devani

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  1. You guys have my support just bought the album on bandcamp

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