SLAUGHTERDAY – Ravenous ep

Slaughterday - Ravenous

Slaughterday - Ravenous


SLAUGHTERDAY – Ravenous ep (CD)

Who would’ve thought that old school death metal influenced by the likes of Autopsy, Dismember, General Surgery and Carnage existed? Don’t fret, as Germany’s maniacal death squad Slaughterday is here to butcher your world inside out, that’s right, as their latest four track ep is a supreme mixture of the most unholy old school death metal bands from a time when it was not trendy listening to extreme metal.

Slaughterday is heavily influenced by the likes of Autopsy, Carnage and Dismember, but inject their own fresh kill to the nostalgic style of brutality. These extreme metal dead heads should be given credit for writing the genre of death metal, which is barely nonexistent today, but do it so well, you’ll feel like as if you’re caught in their nightmarish hell they invoke here.

The sound and production on this four tracker is really good, and really pummel the senses with their rotting guitar rhythms, depressive hymns, corroded cranial artery-like vocals, and drumming that’ll push you to the limits of shattering your skull. Yes, “Ravenous” is surely praiseworthy of banging your head to, and desecrating that local church in your community.

They’ve even done a very nasty cover of Acheron’s “Ave Satanas”. This cover just reeks of pure doom and gloom…

I’d love to think for a second that I can imagine hearing Slaughterday’s music on a local college heavy metal radio show, but these guys are so extreme that they’d leave listeners dead in their tracks. The good thing is, you’ll never see this band sell out for bigger audiences and record sales by shitheads who do know the true meaning of ancient death metal such as Slaughterday. I highly recommended this CD ep, especially if you picture yourself splattered all over the executioner’s chopping block, haha.     [FDA Rekotz]       Sarjoo Devani

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