Slammin Thru – Things To Come (Progressive Metal album review)

Slamin Thru - Things To Come

Slamin Thru - Things To Come

Slammin Thru – Things To Come

There has been a lack of progressively, technically proficient heavy metal bands within the last dozen years or so, but Spain’s Slammin Thru specialize in this obscure style of heavy metal.

“Things To Come” is a musical plethora of creative tech sounds, odd-sounding arpeggios amongst precisely crafted rhythm sections. Within these cool tech arrangements, melodic heavy metal influenced singing is the norm here, however, vocalist David Souto has his own style of delivery. His singing is quite unique, maybe because of his Spanish accent, which gives him an advantage over native English speakers.

When you had the unique style of the vocal patterns here integrated with the technically influenced guitar, bass guitar rhythms, odd time signatures, you’re in for the ride of your life. At times, it feels like you’re on a roller coaster that’s completely out of control, especially on the hard hitting and ultra melodically challenging song “Disguised Queen”. The musical arrangements on this song as well as the other cuts are just so un-orthodox, as they do not follow the typical verse chorus verse, refrain type of songwriting here.

Slammin Thru just do what they please, and man they do it so damn well; it flows with so much confidence and fluidity, you’re prone to feel every note and beat thrown at you.

Imagine getting caught in a meteor-like shower event, but only made up of mind bending guitar parts, heartbeat altering drumming parts are sure to leave you out of breath.

These guys are very awesome at what they write and play, and no one can take that away from them.

My only complaint with this recording was with the vocal level being too low, and could’ve been more balanced in the overall mix with the music. I’m pretty sure, they’ll rectify this on a future release, but for now, Slammin Thru is on a musical journey like no other. Highly worth checking out…  Susperia Records.     Sarjoo Devani



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