Skullthrone – Biomechanical Messiah (Death metal album review)

Skullthrone - Biomechanical Messiah

Skullthrone - Biomechanical Messiah


Skullthrone – Biomechanical Messiah

Anti-Christian and anti-religious death and black metal bands have always fascinated me with their personalized hateful lyrics against religion in general, but Skullthrone tear Christianity and the Catholic faiths a new asshole.

“Biomechanical Messiah” is the newest long player from Russians Skullthrone, and man, does this album wreak merciless havoc on Jesus and his devotees. One listen to the music and the low-end deathly growls here, you’re going to be convinced that this quartet are here to destroy all that is holy. There are tons of blast beats to rapidly accelerated snare drum assaults to violent soul raping guitars screaming “Death to Christianity and Catholics”. Now, if you do not think this is outright insane, just check out their awesome, heart stopping “There’s No God At All”, as this song lays down the feelings of the members of Skullthrone, as to how they truly feel about the subject of Christ and all of the dogma surrounding it.

When you put together all of the unholy musical, lyrical and vocal elements within Skullthrone’s old school Satanic death metal with hints of black metal, these guys are meant to be taken seriously. People, the lyrical subject matter at hand is very deep and from a personal standpoint as far as the band is concerned.

There are a total of 10 cuts of some of the most flesh bruising, sadistic death metal hell that is nothing but the purest of hell on earth.

In case you are wondering, as to how the record sounds, it is professionally recorded, with a solid and clear production, and the mix is really good, as you can experience all of the band’s Satanic fury in its blackened splendor.

Warning, listen with the highest level of caution, as this is not written for weak-minded listeners. Check out Skullthrone if you’re crazy about first two Deicide records, Krisiun and Marduk. Satanath Records       Sarjoo Devani

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