SINNER – The End Of Sanctuary

Sinner - The End Of Sanctuary

Sinner - The End Of Sanctuary


SINNER – The End Of Sanctuary (CD)

I cannot believe that it has been 15 years since Germany’s heavy metal heavyweights Sinner released this metal gem, “The End Of Sanctuary”.

This is Sinner’s best release since their Noise Records days, and their most underrated album too.

Frontman and bassist Mat Sinner did a phenomenal job in the production duties of this record, which definitely brings out the band’s Dio, …Priest and Helloween influences. The sound is totally out of this world here, with the instrumentation and the vocals front and center on every song. This has got to be Sinner’s most passionately written album, with tons of catchy guitar and vocal harmonies along with the memorable guitar riffs.

With such anthem-like and guitar, groove driven numbers like “Signed, Sealed & Delivered”, “The End Of Sanctuary”, “Pain In Your Neck”, “Heavy Duty” (not a Judas Priest cover of the same name), and “Broken World”, you’re in for a real treat. Within the 12 tracks here, you’ll be impressed with Mat’s emotional side on “Destiny”, “Night Of The Wolf” and “The End Of Sanctuary”, as these numbers are just boiling with so much emotion, you’re sure to become emotional in a good way. His singing will move your soul in such profound ways, you’ll be completely blown away.

With almost an hours worth of pure heavy metal at its finest, you’re going to be raising your fists in the air and find yourself singing along to this excellent outing.

It’s unfortunate “The End Of Sanctuary” was overlooked by the mainstream metal and hard rock media when it deserved some serious coverage, but the diehard metal legions at least acknowledged it in the non-mainstream press.

I believe this album is one of the highlights in Sinner’s career, and surely left an indelible mark within the heavy metal world.

This CD showcases some of the best heavy metal musicianship since Iron Maiden’s “Piece Of Mind” and Judas Priest’s “Screaming For Vengeance” releases. The singing is definitely awesome here, but the stunning musicianship adds a depth of songwriting that has still stood the test of time.

It’s very nice to see this title by Sinner being reissued by Metal Mind Productions, in a limited run of 2000 numbered copies.

Fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Helloween and Primal Fear, definitely get your dirty metal paws on “The End Of Sanctuary” Digipac reissue. [Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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