Sin Of God – Aenigmata (Death Metal album review)


Extreme Death Metal

Sin Of God – Aenigmata

Hungary’s extreme death metal nihilists Sin Of God is one hateful, motherfucking of a band to hail from Eastern Europe.

Sin Of God, in my opinion is definitely one of most extreme death metal bands in the world, as they lay to waste most of the death metal competition globally.

Take for example, opening track “The Emerald Tablet”, which starts of with a chilly synth composition, and then this quintet throw everything at you, in their arsenal of technical sonic decimation. Just from listening to this song, you know you’re in for one hellish of a ride here.

“Aenigmata” is so perversely soul obliterating, that the music here symbolically comes across as iron spears of lethal poison lodged into the eyes of god. The guitars on this album come at the listener like nuclear warheads for totalistic annihilation. The melodically played guitar riffing and solo runs feel like tracer bullets cruelly taking down its victim in such horrific ways, which is just beyond comprehension.

“Altered States Of Chaos” starts of with its eerie electric guitar acoustic passages and then lunges at you like a black panther viciously craving your blood, and the hunt is on for your soul. What makes this song and the others on this CD, is their ability to sound very dark, cryptic and repulsively so wicked in the album’s aural presentation. Mark my words here; you will suffer within this quintet’s realm of sadistic torture and bestial enslavement.

“Deus Metamorphosis” is another blasphemous track that is guaranteed to strip the flesh of off your bones, and leave your spirit bare naked, from its savagely executed drumming, devilish vocals and razor sharpened guitar rhythms.

“The Great Lion Devours The Sun” along with the last track here, “The Human Worm” are the bringers of the great apocalypse, where the whole fucking world burns alive in immense and immeasurable despair.

Sin Of God is the best-kept secret to be let out of the evil box of death, and this weapon of mass destruction is coming for every human life on the earth-prepare to burn alive. Sin Of God is certainly the best extreme death metal band to ever exist, period. There is no real competition, which stands in this band’s way. “Aenigmata” is a 10 out of a 10.

Murdher/Satanath Records       Sarjoo Devani

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