SIDIOUS – Revealed In Profane Splendour

Sidious - Revealed In Profane Splendour

Sidious - Revealed In Profane Splendour


SIDIOUS – Revealed In Profane Splendour (CD)

Death and blackened extremist merchants, Sidious, hail from Great Britain, and their debut full-length album, “Revealed In Profane Splendour” is a sinister mix of majestic and apocalyptic sounds. This quartet definitely know how to mix the best musical and vocal elements of death and black metal, but with their own unique touch of all that is evil and indescribable. Their synthesizers alone bring forth that chilling and haunting imagery of a world totally devastated by nuclear annihilation. If this part of their music gets any more dramatic, it might as well be used for a movie soundtrack. The execution of the razor sharp guitars along with the snare/double bass assault and the bestial vocals makes “Revealed In Profane Splendour” one hell of a listening experience.

This quartet is solid, head-on with their stealth playing, as they just tear right through their collection of seven songs of the most profane atmosphere ever created in the digital medium. The sound mix and production of their whole album is nothing short of pure brilliance, as it is clean yet so fucking morbid in style and feel. The seven songs featured here come with their own identity and immense brutality, all wrapped up in one fierce weapon of mass destruction. This album is sure to appeal to fans of Blood Red Throne, Emperor, Zyklon and Marduk.

Again, the following bands mentioned above are used as reference points and in no way do Insidious sound like them. It is very admirable that Insidious possess enough integrity in developing their-own sound and style, which totally separates them from the countless death and black metal bands in the scene.

Insidious has written a wicked soundtrack with “Revealed In Profane Splendour”, to the world’s apocalyptic end, so prepare to burn! [Kaotoxin]      Sarjoo Devani

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