ALL SHALL PERISH – The Price Of Existence

All Shall Perish-The Price Of Existence

All Shall Perish-The Price Of Existence


ALL SHALL PERISH – The Price Of Existence (CD)

This is the third album of California Bay Area’s All Shall Perish (originally released in 2006, now reissued by Metal Mind Productions), and it is not fast, but definitely heavier in sound.

The 11 tracks on here mix up the quintet’s unique style of death metal and elements of hardcore fused together to create deathcore. It is this original mixture of death metal, thrash metal, hardcore, which makes All Shall Perish such a strong contender within the extreme metal circles.

“The Price Of Existence” is not just heavier but also more somber in tone, maybe more on the pessimistic side of life. When you add the ever-changing dynamics of the heavy as hell music and semi-growl vocals, you’ve a malicious combination of deathcore that’s sure to rip your head off.

Mind you, it not all brutal and in your face, as this bunch is talented enough to incorporate some killer harmonies within their songs amidst all the chaos. For a band to master this trait, it is not easy, but these guys do it with, what seems like such ease.

Their lyrics are very deep and enriched with tons of emotions, and you can tell that a lot of thought was put into every word written. However, some of their song titles such as “Wage Slaves”, “There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet”, “Better Living Through Catastrophe” and “The True Beast” kind of make you think what in the world the guys in All Shall Perish must have experienced in life to even talk about it.

There is also a very cool and an emotionally driven instrumental in the form of “Greyson”, named after Ben Orum’s son to be back when this album was released.

This album is definitely a marked progression from their previous couple of releases and showed the band’s willingness to keep their musical brutality interesting at the time. “The Price Of Existence” is highly worth checking out if you dig punishing guitars, heart pummeling drum assaults and vocals that’ll bring you to your knees. [Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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