Scorpions – Live In Munich 2012 (Concert Blu-ray Disc review)

Live In Munich 2012

Scorpions – Live In Munich 2012

Scorpions latest concert release in the form of “Live In Munich 2012” is definitely going to rock your world like a hurricane.

Having witnessed Scorpions live in concert is quite an experience, with their positive, upbeat energy getting the listener into the mood for some serious fist raising and yelling out lyrics to every one of their songs word for word. This is what I call a dedicated fanbase, as can also be seen and heard on this two hour concert footage from one of their gigs in Munich 2012.

Lead singer Klaus Meine still has that diverse vocal range, which makes every song here burst with convincing enthusiasm. The way he delivers during this live footage, goes really well with the rhythm guitars and harmonies provided by guitarists Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs. Drummer James Kottak along with bassist Pawel Maciwoda provide a solid backing tempo and rhythm section to make the Scorpions come alive.

I’ve always enjoyed Scorpions’ musicianship and songwriting, as it is from within, which has a very personal touch to it. It is the personal touch to their songs, which makes the Scorpions such a unique group of songwriters and musicians.

“Live In Munich 2012” is no different, and immerses the viewer into their world of hard rockin’ music, which is sure to kick your butt into overdrive.

Some of the classic cuts making it onto this Blu-Ray Digipack are: “Sting In The Tail”, “The Zoo”, “The Best Is Yet To Come”, “Send Me An Angel”, “Blackout”, “Big City Nights”, “Wind of Change” and the AOR radio hit “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. This track along with others makes for a very complete package, which is sure to appeal to old and new fans alike.

There are no interviews or any other bonus material, but the length of the concert footage, and unique camera angles employed throughout this performance certainly makes up for lack of any bonus stuff. Check it out and rock away with the Scorpions here…        Eagle Vision     Sarjoo Devani

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