SCEPTRE – Age Of Calamity

Sceptre - Age Of Calamity

Sceptre - Age Of Calamity


SCEPTRE – Age of Calamity (CD)

Indian thrash metal quartet Sceptre is back with its latest release in the form of “Age Of Calamity”, which just blazes through ten tracks of memorable and hard hitting thrash at its best. These guys have been around for 15 years now, and “Age Of Calamity” is 100% proof that time can only make your songwriting and musicianship as sharp as a razor. Sceptre unleash a torrid of violent groove laden thrash metal rhythms and vocal lashings that just want to make you pound your head into a solid cinder block wall. There are a total of ten cuts featured here, and they all take on their own identity, with even one emotional instrumental by the name of Judgment Day (End – A New Beginning) thrown into the mix here.

Bonus track “Lest We Forget” forges on with its pissed off vocal patterns, headbanging rhythms and riffs that just assault the senses with no end in sight – it is a viciously punishing track, so stand clear of this one, haha.

Singer Samron Jude is a good vocalist, as he knows how to mix up the real deep and pissed off grunts with the manic shouted out vocals. He definitely knows how to keep with the pace of the music and also knows how to keep his vocals unclean and consistent throughout the eight songs he belts out his frustrations on.

Some of the most memorable influences come to mind when listening to Sceptre, so if you enjoyed listening to Destruction, Tankard, Rage, Kreator and Artillery back in the eighties, Sceptre is sure to blow you away to thrash metalville.

Sceptre has written a tremendous and solid album with the release of “Age Of Calamity”, and this one is sure to create tidal waves the world over.  [Transcending Obscurity]       Sarjoo Devani


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