SAXON – Sacrifice

saxon_sacrifice_cover_300pxPeter Biff Byford and Company are back with a new Saxon record, and by no means is this just another record as it smokes their previous recordings and metal releases within the last two years. “Sacrifice” is loaded with ten memorable anthems on disc 1 and disc 2 you’re treated with orchestrated versions of “Crusader” and re-recorded versions of the fist pumping heavy rock anthems of “Just Let Me Rock” and “Forever Free”. The acoustic versions of “Requiem” and “Frozen Rainbow” simply kick ass.

Now onto disc 1 on this digibook edition I received for press purposes, the ten cuts on here make this my Top 5 releases of 2013. By the way, this Digibook is well put together, and follows an artistic theme throughout – just pure excellence. Every song on this disc will leave you with a feeling of awe, just making you want to take on this crazy world of ours’ and kicking everyone’s ass – hell fucking yeah, the energy on this album is blisteringly strong enough to cause major ripples in the world’s oceans.

Ladies and gentleman, this is not your ordinary-sounding heavy metal, it is infused with substance, depth, memorable, catchy riffs and Byford’s memorable and passionately sung vocals. Yes the rhythm sections of bassist Nibbs Carter and drummer Nigel Glockler make the heavy metal anthemic guitar harmonies and rhythms of Doug Scarratt and Paul Quinn scream heavy metal lightning and thunder all over.

I love the fact that Saxon is in a class all their own, so making comparisons to fellow heavy metal compatriots Judas Priest and Iron Maiden would not be a fair one. Saxon is Saxon and Saxon will always be Saxon, so just bang your head to heavy metal with an eighties flair but with a modern musical and vocal approach. Highly recommended for fans of the NWOBHM or European heavy metal. Check it out and let your “Sacrifice” begin. [UDR Records] Sarjoo Devani


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