SATYRASIS – …Of The Dead

Satyrasis - …Of The Dead

Satyrasis - …Of The Dead


SATYRASIS - …Of The Dead (CD)

Satyrasis sound like a metal band out of Lithuania with their over the top and abstract band moniker.

You’ll be surprised that these guys come from Lansing, Michigan, USA, yes USA, and they’re very European in feel, but 100% American in aggression. Take the best of the best musical elements from Cynic, Atheist, Death, Testament, and some hints of New York style hardcore as far as the vocals are concerned, and you’ve Satryasis.

The music on this album goes from a progressive death metal assault to a more traditional thrash metal thrashing on the ears.

The production being so clean and tight, you’re prone to the weird aspects of the killer musicianship on offer here, as well as a hellish mind twisting session with the uniqueness found here. The guitar rhythms neatly get mangled up alongside the tastefully executed riffs, and drumming bass guitar arrangements add more depth to the sonic chaos found here. The vocals come across as a hybrid of a growling death metal style mixed in with the gruff antics of thrash metal. “Circumstances” comes at you like a steam locomotive out of control, while the groove-tinged rhythms roll over you. The hardcore vocals on this track go really well with the song, and clearly shows the band’s diverse range of influences.

The synth passages on “…Of The Dead” sound progressive, more along the lines of something you’d find on a Pink Floyd album or even Enigma, yet sound so epic in feel. The varied atmospheres created on this album make 59 minutes go by very quickly. And the track “Warwhore” sums everything I’ve just said and more, because this song is the soundtrack to the world’s untimely demise.

Satyrasis is a very talented extreme metal band to come out of USA within the last 15 years, and it clearly shows in every note played.

Check it out and bang your head until it does bang anymore… Sarjoo Devani

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