Sarugutuwa – Namakubi (Gore Grind album review)

Sarugutuwa - Namakubi

Sarugutuwa - Namakubi

Sarugutuwa - Namakubi

Japanese gore grinding motherfuckers Sarugutuwa play gut wrenching, blood curdling brutal death, gore grind at its sickest level of pure torture.
This quartet play with so much ferocity and bestial wickedness, you will feel as if you’re being literally eaten alive by an Anaconda snake, and then having your undigested remains spat out. As twisted and perverse as this may sound, this band’s music is a total onslaught upon the auditory and visual senses, since their music tells a story of a violent, diseased, gore, flesh sacrifice inflicted upon the human body.
The downtuned guitar riffs and the monstrous rhythms along with the blasting drums makes for one hell of an agonizing listening experience here. And you can feel a lot of pain and suffering by glancing at their album artwork of a violently beaten human head with its flesh dried, cracked, rotted away, bloodied eye ball, which is about to fall out, and a mouth with a few missing teeth. (Sounds like a major task for a DMD specializing in the rearrangement of the human jaw after such hideous trauma.)
My only complaint here, their lyrics are all in their native Japanese, which is okay, but at least they should have provided a translation of the horrors, which they’ve talked about on their debut album “Namakubi”. The only downside to this is, it could be a turn off to non-Japanese speaking death metal heads, but then again, most death metal fans don’t even pay attention to the lyrics.
The production and sound on this 12-tracker is okay, seems like half of the tracks were taken off a previous demo and slapped right on this CD to make it into a full length CD, as can be heard from the rough, demo quality on few of those songs.
However, I will give this foursome a chance at proving their death metal worthiness for a future record, until then, Sarugutuwa should appeal to fans of Carcass’ “Reek Of Putrefaction” and “Symphonies Of Sickness” CDs.
Check it out and watch your corpse burn on the pyres of total despair.

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