SANCTORUM – Old Ghosts New Wars

Sanctorum-Old Ghosts New Wars

Sanctorum-Old Ghosts New Wars


SANCTORUM – Old Ghosts New Wars (CD)

Jolly old England’s thrash, heavy metal and death metal terrorists are sure to kick your head in with their aggressiveness on their fourth CD “Old Ghosts New Wars”. These guys are just one of the better up and coming UK Metal Bands, and “Old Ghosts New Wars" is somewhat of a musically diverse album. There are mid to fast paced cuts on this album, the vocals range from brief clean crooning to more of a growl, rough throat frustration. The music here goes really good with their vocals and lyrics, kind of giving them a darkened vibe throughout this eight tracker. Besides Sanctorum being all out heavy and thrashy, they’ve some catchy and memorable riffs within their songs as well. The way these guys play their instruments, they definitely mean business, and so steer clear from this group’s raging tendencies or your ears will regret it.

Last track “When All’s Said And Done” is a creative and thoughout mélange of strong guitar harmonies, interesting riff arrangements and bestial vocals powerful enough to scare anyone shitless in their tracks. I can surely see these guys getting some air play on heavy metal radio, that is if there are any radio stations which still support up and coming artists within the metal world. However, these guys should take over internet radio with their storming fury.

Interested in checking out drums with a big sound, rhythms that’ll want to make you slam until you drop, and bang your head until you pass out, Sanctorum is sure to fucking blow you away into oblivion. This is definitely an Interesting release from the Island of Great Britain.

[Self-Released]      Sarjoo Devani



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