SAMADHI SITARAM – Kaliyuga Babalon (Metallic Hardcore album review)

Samadhi Sitaram - Kaliyuga Babalon

Samadhi Sitaram - Kaliyuga Babalon

Russia's hardcore/metallic underground stalwarts Samadhi Sitaram play a vile breed of hardcore infused with metallic hints and plenty of ambient guitar and synth licks to drive the listener insane beyond comprehension.

The eight songs found on this album range from an average of 4 minutes to 12 minutes in length, keeping the listener hanging on for dear life, as their songs feature plenty of unsuspecting twist and turns with some interesting sounds. This powertrio definitely possess enough power and grit within their nuanced-filled hardcore to send even seasoned moshpit veterans crashing out of the pit of chaos.

"Kali-Yuga" just comes flying at you without any warning, leaving you running towards the exit door at your local club. You better hope and pray that they don't play at a town near you. The bombastic drumming, fat bass and distorted guitar rhythms fucking pulverize your head and leave you craving more abuse at the hands of these Russians.

The production and sound quality on this album are pretty good, kind of raw in places, but it gives you that feeling of experiencing this band live in front of your face. I can only imagine what their live gigs are like, motherfucking brutal up the ass!!! Seriously, all kidding aside, Samadhi Sitaram is a talented bunch who harbor tons of negative emotions,which can be heard brewing within their heavy as fuck music.

Do keep in mind,  if you're expecting anything like Madball, Biohazard or even Threat Signal, you'll be disappointed, as these dudes throw in a good amount of synth and guitar generated ambient sounds that'll leave you in complete bewilderment. Samadhi Sitaram is not your typical hardcore band with metal influences, as their music is executed on a much deeper level. Pretty fucking interesting for sure. Sliptrick Records    Sarjoo Devani


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