Sadist – Hyaena (Prog Death Metal CD review)

Sadist - Hyaena

Sadist - Hyaena


Sadist – Hyaena

Italians Sadist have done it again, with their newest record “Hyaena”, proving that extreme metal can be played extreme while keeping it musically diverse and interesting.

Music-wise, “Hyaena” is just as wild and subdued as the African animal, but Sadist take their progressive death metal a step further, with unique African, tribal instruments and sounds, along with the cranium crushing rhythms and bestial vocals. Musically, it’s a melting pot of intricately crafted and played synth workouts, limb-paralyzing riffs, and songs that take hold of your mind and set it on fire. Yes, this is brutal, but in an interesting way. “Scavenger and Thief” is prime example of this musical and songwriting splendor. This track features the atmospheric synth passages, headbanging guitar rhythms, epic keyboard driven moments that create auras of darkness and void within the mind.

“Gadawan Kura” is a sweet, heartfelt written acoustic and synth fueled cut with catchy and fat bass licks, and mild mannered tempos to keep your mind focused on this emotional cut. The awesome riffs on this song make it a memorable track, as you can feel every ounce of its cut and dry emotions that just tug at your heart.

“Eternal Enemies” comes at you with it wickedly pit-bull-like riffs chasing after you like prey, until you’re caught and then ripped apart for the final meal of the night. The ethnic African tribal influences gives “Hyaena” a wicked momentum in musical and vocal delivery, and sounds like it could’ve been a soundtrack to a movie about the African continent.

The musicianship is of the highest order here, and the Tommy Talamanca production at Nadir Studios in Genoa, Italy does a lot of justice to this ten tracker, as it gives it so much room and depth for the music to flow, as it should.

This is definitely the best Sadist yet, and I’m sure the guys are not quite finished writing groundbreaking progressive death metal of the highest standards yet.  Scarlet Music     Sarjoo Devani

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