SABHANKRA – Seers Memoir

Sabhankra - Seers Memoir

Sabhankra - Seers Memoir


SABHANKRA – Seers Memoir (CD)

What comes to your mind when you think of the name Sabhankra? One would be led to imagine some mighty warrior from ancient times or some mythical figure from a Shakespearean play. The quartet known as Sabhankra hail from Istanbul, Turkey, and play a very unique style of epic black metal meets heavy metal. Personally, it brings to mind the best of Iron Maiden, Nokturnal Mortum, Mental Home and even Dimmu Borgir, with the more orchestrated synth arrangements.

“The Windshaper” is an awesome song with its raspy vocals, epic riffing entangled with the hair-raising keyboard interludes in the background. This track is aggressive in nature yet so blissful sounding in its diabolical atmosphere. This is a song you can definitely bang your head to with its mid-paced snare and double bass assault. The lead playing here is melodic and constructed with tons of emotions running rampant and wild. I can only imagine the fret board on the guitars melting with the way this solo is executed, wow!

The musical diversity of the ten cuts on this album makes “Seers Memoir” a true gem of a listening experience. Not one song here sounds alike, and I definitely respect the band wanting to keep things heavy, brutal, dark and melodic to add plenty of spice to their music.

The almost nine minute long “Time Of War” features some really nicely played synthesizer parts along with the war-like drum beats, kind of coming across like a victorious march. The guitar harmonies here remind so much of Iron Maiden, and bring to mind the good old days of when heavy metal was non-trendy. This song also features a semi-high pitched vocal passage as well, and makes it even more memorable among the other songs on here.

Surprisingly, the production on this album is fairly decent and all of their instrumentation along with the raspy vocals can be heard clearly. A strong studio production only adds more depth to an album’s general vibe, setting the tone to the band’s musical and vocal direction.

I really enjoyed listening to Sabhankra’s epic black/heavy metal here, but even more so their musicianship, which has so much more variance within it. Highly recommended. [Haarbn/Metalism Records] Sarjoo Devani

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