Ruxt – Running Out Of Time (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock album)

Ruxt - Running Out Of Time

Ruxt - Running Out Of Time

Italia’s heavy metal and hard rocking quintet collectively known as Ruxt is back with their newest album in the form of “Running Out Of Time”, which picks up musically and vocally where debut album “Behind The Masquerade” left off.

I was very impressed with the solid songwriting and style of musicianship found on Ruxt’s debut album “Behind The Masquerade”, and to my surprise “Running Out Of Time” is just as awesome if not better. However, for some strange reason it took me a good 3-4 spins to really get into this new CD, and once I got the feel for Ruxt’s newer material, I was definitely blown away. Everything from the songwriting to the final production and mix of the new album is undeniably one of the best for a metal and hard rock release I’ve heard within the past year.

The musicianship and solid songwriting forged by this Italian band is quite exemplary within the heavy metal and hard rock genres, as they do not sound like any other band of this ilk. “Running Out Of Time” is a diverse presentation of heavy guitar rhythms, memorable yet emotionally fired up hard rock harmonies backed by a precise rhythm section. “In The Name Of Freedom” is a great example of all of the above traits mentioned, as it starts of with a Native American style flute playing and then it leads into some acoustical passages, then dives right into the heavy parts of the song (this is where you’ll definitely want to bang your head). With all of these interesting and attention-grabbing arrangements within one song, it makes for an awesome listening experience. You feel as if you’re on some sort of tripped out musical voyage.

Moreover, they even have a very cool, story-like video for the song “Heaven Or Hell”, which shows an aspiring female roller skater trying to break free from her fears as a performing stage artist, and finally taking the stage as a superior roller skater/dancer. This video definitely fits the softer, more melodic aspects of the song, while the heavier parts just go really well with the moment of glory and defiance of the roller skater.  Ruxt definitely knows how to tell a story with their creatively written lyrics, and this is what makes these guys such awesome lyricists and songwriters. This is a talent few and far between when it comes to heavy and catchy songwriting.

The five members making up Ruxt play with plenty of conviction and passion, as you can surely hear and feel it within their music. Essentially, you end up becoming a part of the song since you feel all of their emotions erupting through their stellar guitar rhythms and vocal harmonies.

Highly recommended for fans of Whitesnake, Dio, Tank, Giant, Iron Maiden and Saxon. Check it out and feel your world “Running Out Of Time”. Diamonds Productions    Sarjoo Devani

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