Ruxt – Behind The Masquerade (Melodic Heavy Metal album review)



Ruxt – Behind The Masquerade

Italia’s melodic heavy metal quintet Ruxt play an awesome and very memorable style of heavy metal, which is sure to rock your world inside and out.

“Behind The Masquerade” is 68 minutes of pure melodic heavy metal played with the highest level of musicianship, culminating in 14 songs of complete diversity from the best of two worlds: Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. None of these songs on this album sound alike, as they stand their ground with their own style and sound, which is pretty rear among today’s heavy metal bands.

Ruxt play with so much intensity and emotion on this album, you can definitely feel everything these guys are going through here. At the same time, their songs stand very proud and shower the listener in nothing but hope and positive vibes.

Listen to the emotionally charged, yet upbeat sounding “Spirit Road”, and you’ll feel a gushing rush of energy just resonate throughout your body, leaving you vitalized. Now this is what I call heavy metal that’ll make the listener feel good no matter how bad their day is going.

Guitarists Stefano Galleano and Andrea Raffaele’s lead runs and riffs breath so much life into the songs here, along with singer Matt Bernardi’s crooning makes the whole package complete. His vocals at times remind a bit of early Pain Of Salvation and Evergrey’s Thomas Englund. Matt’s almost got a solid progressive heavy metal tone to his melodic and harmonious vocal passages.

Ruxt’s style is very progressive in nature yet the guitars, bass guitars and drumming showcase plenty of cool influences from heavy metal’s greatest groups ever. Iron Maiden, White Snake, Dio, Evergrey and Pain of Salvation come to mind when listening to Ruxt, but these Italians have a style, sound and passion all their own, as can be heard on the tear laden “Forever Be”.

It is safe to say, “Behind The Masquerade” has plenty of unique musical diversity all the while sticking to its semi-progressive, heavy metal and hard rock roots.

This is definitely one of the best albums of 2016, and is sure to go down in heavy metal history as one of the best records to ever come from Europe.

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