Rotting Flesh – Infected Purity (Old School Death/Black Metal album review)

Rotting Flesh - Infected Purity

Rotting Flesh - Infected Purity

Rotting Flesh – Infected Purity

Greece’s Christ-raping death/black metal commandos in Rotting Flesh are sure to fucking blow your brains out with the rel-release of their debut CD “Infected Purity”.

The songs on this 12-track album are in the old school fashion of extreme metal, bringing to mind early Morbid Angel, Emperor and Dissection. The use of synthesizers on this album is subtle and do not take away from the songs as a whole, which is a plus. The energy of the music here is nothing short of brutal and chaotic with plenty of twist and turns to throw your head into a lethal tailspin. You can surely feel the winds of Armageddon race by you, with such precision and vulgarity; it just paralyzes all of your senses.

Wait ‘til you hear the caustic, flesh bruising rhythms and horrid vocal choruses found on “Life and Torment”, you’ll feel as if you’re trapped in Rotting Flesh’s ungodly nightmare of sonic punishment. The raspy yet growled-out vocals just blaze a hole through your soul, while the atmospherics of this song brain wash your mind with its auditory spells.

In addition, to the awesome songs found here, check out the haunting soundtrack-like sounds of “Shadowgloom”, as it makes you feel like you’re trapped in one of Harry Potter’s torturous chapters.

The picture of Satan on the album cover speaks volumes of the band’s stance on religious matters and dogma, and it only shows how much the band is against the brain washing teachings of Christianity and other western religious beliefs. Once you’ve listened to the anti-Christian leanings on “Withdraw Christianity”, you’ll be prepared for all out war against all that is holy and pure. This is why “Infected Purity” was a killer choice for their album title, as it makes total sense, with the anti-religious lyrics found here.

Check it out and see the world burn before your evil eyes.     Symbol Of Domination     Sarjoo Devani

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