Rockett Queen – Goodnight California (Rock album review)

Rockett Queen-Goodnight California

Rockett Queen-Goodnight California

Rockett Queen – Goodnight California

Whoa, man, I am on fire and Rockett Queen has just drenched me with their tongue and cheek, memorable rock anthems to put out my blaze of excitement.

“Goodnight California” is a reissue of the quartet’s five song EP with three brand new cuts in the form of “Hey God”, an all-acoustic version of “Hard To Love” and an awesome, rockin’ cover of the Misfits’ “Attitude”. Title track “Goodnight California” rolls along with its stellar rock guitar rhythms and singer Walter Lee’s upbeat and rocket fuel powered singing (no pun intended). Lee’s infectious vocals just make you feel good, especially when you’ve been having a very shitty day, and with just one listen to a track like “Hey God”, you’ll feel as if you’re high on some crack laced with pure Rockett Queen vibes.

These dudes hail from Tyler, Texas, but they have that typical Texas rock & roll sound, as they’ve a trademark style all their own, which is a wild mixture of melodic rock, hints of metal and punk rock from the early eighties. This is what I admire about Rockett Queen, their sincerity to be honest with their listeners, and not follow any current trends in the stale American rock and metal scene of today.

Fade To Silence Records, a new non-trendy record label launched by Spitfire Records founder Paul Bibeau has surely scored a huge win with Rockett Queen. I can definitely see this band taking the music world by storm within the next few years.

From listening to this 8-song EP, it can be asserted this young band is serious about what they write and play and want you to become a diehard follower of their soulful, and highly intoxicated rock & roll. “Goodnight California” is worthy of your attention, as it’s sure to kick you where the sun would love to shine…     Fade To Silence      Sarjoo Devani

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Here is a catchy and very cool video for the song "I Hate You", which is surely one of my favorite tracks here.

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