Istanbul, Turkey’s quartet aptly known as Riseback has released its debut record, and what a release this self titled long player is with its superb musicianship and emotional vocal performance. For fans of heavy metal music with elements of rock and catchy grooves, this band will blow you away with their immense talent.

Riseback is fronted by Riella Eskenazi, who possesses the listener with her mesmerizing yet very powerful vocal delivery on this nine tracker, which will get you thinking of your past life. She is such an emotionally charged singer, yet displays plenty of catchy memorable harmonies and also makes the rest of her band standout too. She is the main star here, but also the other three members (Ali Safa Uzun – Guitars, Koner Memili and Onur Akca) stand out in their own way, showcasing a stellar and diverse musicianship within the heavy metal music and hard rock music genres. Their style is very interesting to listen to as all nine songs on this self financed CD are unique in their very own way.

Riella’s passion to sing melodic, aggressive and even softly at times displays her diverse vocal style, which just pulls the listener into their speakers, haha. They’ve also interesting videos for the following tracks “Make You Real” and “Game Powered”, which singer Riella pouring her heart out in front of the camera to give these two videos a very personal edge. “Make You Real” is shot on the Turkish coastline and in the studio and “Game Powered” is shot in the Gym, both very interesting concepts. As far as female fronted groups are concerned, Riseback is original in their style and depth of superb songwriting.

The tracks to check out here are as follows: “Game Powered”, “Make You Real”, “Far Away” and “Flowerstar”.

The other songs are really good, but these stood out for me the most. You will not find any dull moments on this 33-minute disc as the band make you apart of their spiritual journey.

The music here is not popish sounding at all, which is a good thing, yet I can imagine listening to Riseback’s unique style of heavy metal music on commercial hard rock radio. Give Riseback a chance, as I believe they are a much better band than the likes of Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation and even Epica. Riella and her band are on to something very unique and refreshing on this album. I cannot wait to check out their next album. Labels, do not wait as Riseback will be the next big thing in the music world with the right push.   Sarjoo Devani


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