RIGHT TO THE VOID – Kingdom Of Vanity

Right To The Void

Southern France’s Right To The Void have released a memorable headbanging CD, with ten tracks of razor sharp riffs, muscle destroying rhythms, explosive percussive assaults, and vocals that’ll even scare the hell out of the devil, ha, ha. “Kingdom Of Vanity” is the quintet’s first full-length release and a first one for new label Wormhole Death Records. This CD is a very promising release in that it features many unique rhythms intertwined with auditory menacing riffs potent enough to leave you in a whirlwind state of chaos and confusion.

Singer Guillaume’s vocals border more on The Black Dahlia Murder style with hints of early Soilwork and Darkane. However, Right To The Void is a much heavier and lethal unit than the bands mentioned above as can be experienced on “Kingdom Of Vanity’s” heavy as hell, thunderous, melodic death and thrash with hints of heavy metal.

I enjoyed the fact that every song on here starts of differently and has a solid consistency in sounding different yet we can affirm that it is still Right To The Void kicking your ass on the almost 40 minutes of total death/thrash auditory warfare. Play it as fucking loud as you can because this five-piece outta France will lay to waste your existence and surroundings.

Wait ‘til you listen to the head thrashing and bombastic rhythms and throat slashing riffs on “Again and Again… Until The End”, and you will hear and feel for yourself, that Right To The Void is your worst fucking nightmare and more. This song alone has plenty of dynamic rhythm changes with some great melodic lead playing thrown in to add more insult to your bloody injury.

Right To The Void is nothing short of brilliance and then some on their debut full length CD “Kingdom Of Vanity”. Do not pass this one up or you’ll be sorry…    [Worm Hole Death] Sarjoo Devani


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