Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land (Power/Thrash Metal album review)

Rectified Spirit - The Waste Land

Rectified Spirit - The Waste Land


Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land

Wow, and these dudes in Rectified Spirit are from Guhawati, a city in the state of Assam, freaking brilliant, as I was pleasantly surprised with the level of musicianship these Indian metal brethrens posses.

Rectified Spirit plays a superbly crafted blend of power, thrash metal with slight hint of progressive metal. With all of these killer sounds, you’re going to hear some great influences from Evergrey, Testament, Fates Warning and even some Meshuggah.

There are moments of melodic bliss to atmospheric enchantment to the much heavier parts that’ll make you bang your head until you blackout here.

“Afterthought” boast a strong Fates Warning touch, but with Rectified Spirit’s own unique vision in song delivery.

The guitars are melodic with tons of interestingly woven structures, harmonies and tempo changes, which creates an awesome listening atmosphere. You’re sure to feel the band’s positive and mind tranquilizing musical passages, and the vocals, just have that seriousness to them, making them sound so in your face, but not so obtrusive. How in the hell have these guys managed to write and play music so rich in talent and creativity is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, Rectified Spirit is onto something original not heard in a very long time.

India has come leaps and bounds within the last several years with its burgeoning heavy metal and extreme metal scenes, and bands such as Rectified Spirit only make India’s position in the world of heavy metal that much stronger.

“The Waste Land” is everything from melodic, progressive to heavy and in between, so listen within an open mind and feel this band’s vastness in all its auditory splendor.

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