RAM-ZET – Freaks In Wonderland [Space Alley Music]

Norway has for the most part been associated with black and death metal bands, but avant-garde masters, Ram-zet are about to change all of this with their brand of schizophrenic and insanity driven music and lyrics. “Freaks In Wonderland” is this quintet’s latest release, and having listened to the album in its entirety 3 times now, it is one freaking hell of a release. It is unique with so many unconventional aspects such many unique tempo shifts, influences going back and forth from black, extreme metal to more of a rockish-sounding CD in various places throughout this eight tracker.

Ram-zet just want to brainwash you and then pull you right into their music, having you vicariously experience many of their emotional torture tactics through their pure insanity and schism.

The female vocals along with the raspy at time, male vocals gives “Freaks In Wonderland” a very schizophrenic feel to it, at times making the listener feel as id they’re losing their mind to the musical insanity created here.

Just listen to the 10-minute opus “As The Carpet Silent Falls”, and you will start to believe their music is a therapy in total head fucking misery. With its many unique musical influences, you’re going to be completely degraded of all humanity you possess within your soul. This bitch will fucking absolutely crush your spirit and leave you dying for more twisted tales of the insane.

I dare you to try it as I did, and now I am nothing but an empty shell of a once mortal living being – wow!!!

For a possible, maybe not even a close reference, imagine a crazy mixture of The Gathering, Epica and Emperor, and you’ll see how fucking estranged this band is from the norm.

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