Rainbow – Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980 (Hard Rock Live CD review)

Rainbow - Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980

Rainbow - Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980

Rainbow - Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980

Rainbow is captured in all its hard rock live glory during their headlining performance at Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington, in 1980.

Guitarist Richie Blackmore’s stunning guitar work is total proof, as to why heavy metal and hard rock bands from the late seventies and early eighties knew their music so well, as there was no lack of talent in his songwriting creativity. Yes, this live concert footage is from over 30 years ago, but even to this day Rainbow still sounds unrelentingly brilliant in all aspects.

Live, Blackmore is joined by singer Graham Bonnet, keyboardist Don Airey, bassist Roger Glover and drummer Cozy Powell. These guys definitely knew how to put on one heck of a show for their fans. The fact that these guys worked together so well is testament to their awe-inspiring live show here. For these guys, it was never about being rock stars, but just playing the music they enjoyed listening to themselves, as it can be witnessed on this 30-minute DVD and an hours plus of live music on the CD.

From classic show stoppers “Catch The Rainbow”, “Eyes Of The World”, the semi-ballad-esque “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, and some well known cult classics like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Stargazer”, featured only on the audio portion of the disc makes this DVD/CD set out of this world. You’ll also be treated to “Lost In Hollywood” guitar solo (which is quite phenomenal in itself), “Difficult To Cure” keyboard solo and drum solo for “Lost In Hollywood” makes this live output rockumentary a worthy addition to your collection of ass kicking hard rock music.

Personally, I was surprisingly impressed with this live footage of one of hard rock’s most underrated groups, and it’s nice to see that Rainbow is given their dues with the release of “Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980”.

This one is highly recommended for fans of Deep Purple, Dio, White Snake, Judas Priest and Saxon.

You’ve got to enjoy this double DVD/CD set at high volume levels, and then only you’ll see how all of your windows shatter around you, while making you rock ‘til you drop.

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One comment on “Rainbow – Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980 (Hard Rock Live CD review)
  1. Paul Apple says:

    I was at this gig and the CD serves it pretty well.

    The absence of Love’s No Friend I can easily overlook, and Bonnet’s rendition of Man on the Silver Mountain was best left to Dio anyway. However, the absence of the encore guitar crash is unforgivable, with all the audible pyrotechnics. They could easily have deleted Bonnet’s sing-a-long section to make room for this.


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