Pyromancer – Demo MMXV (black metal demo review)

Pyromancer - Demo MMXV
Pyromancer - Demo MMXV
Pyromancer - Demo MMXV
Pyromancer - Demo MMXV

Pyromancer – Demo MMXV

I am so surprised Pyromancer is from the USA, as the US only has a handful of black metal bands, which truly can compete with the European black metal scene, and this duo is one of them.

Pyromancer play Christian-fucking, Christ raping, priest sodomizing black metal to the highest level of total blasphemy, at its sickest. With soul tormenting guitars, raspy screams of a dying spirit, and drums coming across like rapidly increasing heartbeats of an animal in utter distress of being hunted by its stocker. Pyromancer execute their music with complete rawness and bestial variety, you feel as if you’re suffocating in your own fallacies of existence and the dogma of a real god.

“Abyssal Crucifixion” screams bloody murder from the get-go, with impulsive guitar rhythms, uncontrollable vocal contortions of the darkest kind, and drums that feel like a hammer nailing you to the cross to die upon, just like when Christ was crowned king in pain.

“Violent God” has the early Celtic Frost guitar rhythm influences and the vocals remind of early Darkthrone and Emperor.

With five cuts of the purest and most hatefully produced, raw black metal, this duo is sure to stab you dead center in the heart, while your life bleeds away into the terrestrial void of the infinite.

The aura of 100% darkness, which these guys create, is absolutely brilliant, and being anti-religious makes them one hell of black metal’s toughest contenders. Pyromancer is not for the meek at heart and for listeners who cannot think for themselves, as personal individuality is the core order of this five-song blasphemy. Listen to this raw black metal demo, and watch the fires of hell engulf your mind, spirit and body into eternal enslavement to the dark side.      Godz Ov War Productions      Sarjoo Devani

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