PortnoyWow freaking Wow. Yes, these were the words, which came out of my mouth when I sat down to watch this all-star line-up of musicians assembled by Michael Portnoy (formerly with Dream Theater). “Live In Tokyo” features some of music industries most talented and respected musicians, songwriters and producers.

Lets start with former Dream Theater drummer and an overall legend within the drumming field, Michael Portnoy. Michael along with Billy Sheehan, guitar virtuoso Tony Macalpine, and synth wizard Derek Sherinian, gel so well on this “Live In Tokyo” that the music they play is totally breathtaking. The songs are comprised of individual tracks written by each of the musicians in their present and formers bands, but with these four playing them, it is a world of difference as their musicianship brings out the best each song has to offer the fans of these greats. With approximately 106 minutes worth of viewing pleasure, this is quite a viewing experience as I felt my spirit being lured into their musical world and going on a journey of a lifetime. Oh, man, now this is what I call a live show, concert, gig, whatever you want, played and performed at its finest.

Also, the fact that these guys love their fans so much, it comes through in their music as they give 110% on every song they play here, including the classic rocker “Shy Boy”, which Mr. Sheehan sings on, with backing vocals provided by Portnoy.

The unique production of the different camera angles for the viewer makes for a very interesting and entertaining experience.

Seeing the band also interact with their Japanese audience makes this concert footage all the more complete.

It is good to see that Portnoy, Sheehan, Macalpine and Sherinian are free of their own egos and focused on their talents and their fans as this makes for a super group of musicians only wanting to give their best to anyone who will listen to their tastefully put together numbers.

Each of the members also get a spotlight showcasing their talents and immaculate creativity here, and this is an interesting pointer as seeing the audiences’ reaction to these performances gives this disc a special atmosphere besides the crowd going crazy to all the songs played here.

I can go on and on and on with how awesome this “Live In Tokyo” Blu-ray disc is, but you need to check it out for yourself, especially if you’re into the following artists: Dream Theater, Planet X, Tony Macalpine, Billy Sheehan, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, and others within this ilk. Eagle Vision (Blu-ray)    Sarjoo Devani

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