PINEAL – Smiling Cult

Pineal - Smiling Cult

Pineal - Smiling Cult


PINEAL – Smiling Cult ep (CD)

Wow! This was the word, which came out of my mouth when I started listening to Pineal’s debut ep. This ep is loaded with so much emotion, you can easily get absorbed within Pineal’s style of post progressive stoner grunge metal. It is very easy to feel their emotions on the six songs featured here, as they delve deeper into the heart of every song written for this ep. It is their superb musicianship, which makes “Smiling Cult” a total hit for me. From the tightly executed stoner type grunge metal guitar rhythms to the Alice In Chains and Tool inspired vocals, Pineal is sure to make you move in profound ways and get in touch with your inner self. The music on “Smiling Cult” is the total essence of, who and what these guys are all about. This ep has some of the most tasteful riffs, vocal harmonies, grunge-like heavy metal rhythms and drumming loaded with catchy hooks.

First song “Theta” comes at you with its mesmerizing vocal patterns and hypnotic guitars that bring images of darkened rain clouds to mind. The lightning and thunder within their explosive songs are sure to get you thinking about your past life experiences. On your first listen, you’ll be like, “whoa” but once you get into the mid-paced tempo of their songs here, you’ll be wanting to break free from your shell of oppression and take on the world with immense force. Yes, this is what Pineal will get you to experience and more, so embrace yourself for the rockiest musical journey of your life.

Being that this group is from London, England makes it all that more special, as the heavy and hard rock music scene there is so diverse, which can felt and enjoyed in Pineal’s heavy stoner grunge metal. Just imagine marrying the the superb vocals of Alice In Chains to the heavy, darkened guitars of Tool, and this entwined with a little bit of Down’s ultra heaviness here and there, and you’ve got a well rounded ep that’s sure to kick ass. Pineal’s “Smiling Cult” ep is sure to be in my top ten new metal albums of 2014. Check out this band, as you will be very, very glad you did because these guys are onto something refreshing. [Self-Released]    Sarjoo Devani

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